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Tipi Zannika (Healthy Homes) Mold Remediation Program

Creating a Healthier Living Environment
The Mold Remediation program began at the request of the Oglala Sioux Tribal Council in 2006. Tipi Zannika’s main objective is to remediate mold in bathrooms, basements, and kitchens. Starting in 2009 Oglala Sioux Lakota Housing began obtaining grants to completed mold remediation projects throughout the reservation. The program staff consists of two four-man carpentry crews with a plumber and an electrician.


A rough scope of work for a bathroom is comprised of the following steps:
  1. Complete demolition from ceiling down to floor joists.
  2. An inspection is done to see if any joists or studs need to be replaced.
  3. The new floor (subfloor and underlayment) is installed, and backing or reinforcement of wall studs is put in areas needed for grab bars, towel bars, sinks, etc.
  4. A rough-in for plumbing and electrical is done, and the new tub and tub surround is installed.
  5. We sheetrock the walls and ceiling including taping, mudding, texturing and painting with a mold inhibiting paint.
  6. We then install vinyl flooring, toilet and sink.
  7. The finish work by the plumber, electrician, and carpenter consists of putting on the sink and shower faucet, installing light and fan fixtures, putting on towel bars, shower rods, bass trim, etc.


A rough scope of work for a kitchen is similar to a bathroom with the exception of a cabinet schedule. During construction, the tenant is provided with a temporary utility sink for washing dishes.


With basements, we clean the mold using a chemical cleaning agent. We chip out cricks and refill them with masonry mortar. We seal the basement walls with dry lock masonry water proofer and clean out basement window wells to prevent water from entering through their windows. Some of the obstacles that we face are having to clean entire basements and crawl spaces full of moldy clothing, bedding, and trash.


Following is a list of mold remediation projects the Tipi Zannika Program has completed:


TZ 1 2009

Used a $900,000 grant from HUD and $300,000 from OSLH for mold remediation in 78 units (129 bathrooms, 64 basements). Completed in September 2011.


TZ 2 2010

Used a $1,100,000 grant from HUD and $366,667 from OSLH for mold remediation in 156 units (192 bathrooms, 102 basements, 26 crawlspaces, 2 full renovations, 5 fully handicapped accessible). Completed in December 2012.


TZ3 2011

Used a $1,100,000 grant from HUD and $366,667 from OSLH for mold remediation in 165 units (170 bathrooms, 90 basements, 3 full renovations). Completed in September 2013.


TZ4 2013

Used a $1,100,000 grant from HUD and $366,667 from OSLH for mold remediation in 132 units (107 bathrooms, 41 kitchens, 39 basements, 8 total renovations). Completed in June 2015.