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Indian Community Development Block Grant 21 FR-6500-N-23 Due October 25, 2021 Oglala Sioux (Lakota) Housing is planning to submit an Indian Community Development Block Grant 21 for $1,200,000 with $400,000 leverage from OSLH to provide new roofs for at least 100 low-rent units to prevent further damage due to leakage […]

Emergency Assistance

Emergency Rental & Utility Assistance Program If you are the head of household (HOH) living on or near the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and have an emergency need for rental or utility assistance, you may be eligible for financial relief. Beginning February 22, 2021, we will begin accepting applications. Public […]

Going Green on Pine Ridge

Solar Brings New Opportunities to Pine Ridge Reservation Amid the sprawling, picturesque grasslands and ponderosa pines of southwestern South Dakota, solar is helping to open up new opportunities for veterans and members of the Pine Ridge Reservation. In May, GRID’s Tribal Program staff worked with tribal members and Denver students […]

Title VI Housing Development

We obtained the first HUD Title VI Guaranteed loan in South Dakota in 2015 to do infrastructure and lot development, and placed 45 South Dakota Governor’s Homes as low-rent units throughout the Reservation by 2018.                      

Rural Innovation Fund

We obtained a HUD Rural Innovation Grant for $2,000,0000 that we matched with $1,000,0000 of our own funds to design and build 18 energy efficient and low-maintenance, low-rent houses. Two houses were placed in each District.