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Tipi Zannika (Healthy Homes) Mold Remediation Program

Creating Healthier Living Environments

The Mold Remediation program began at the request of the Oglala Sioux Tribal Council in 2006. Tipi Zannika’s main objective is to remediate mold in bathrooms, basements, and kitchens. Starting in 2009 Oglala Sioux Lakota Housing began obtaining grants to completed mold remediation projects throughout the reservation. The program staff consists of two four-man carpentry crews with a plumber and an electrician.

Two projects are in process.

TZ5 2014 Category 2

Using a $400,000 grant from HUD and $171,429 from OSLH to target 75 units (70 bathrooms, 25 basements and 10 kitchens). The project was funded in October 2014. We obtained environmental reviews and began renovations in July 2015. The project has an estimated completion of September 2016.

TZ6 15 Category 2

Using an $800,000 grant from HUD and $342,860 from OSLH to target 150 units (140 bathrooms, 50 basements and 20 kitchens). We are doing environmental reviews now and will start renovations in October 2016 with a completion target date of September 2017.

Please contact Ryan Bark, Program Director, if you have questions on the Tipi Zannika Program.